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by Perry Pawliuk - Saturday, 17 January 2015, 9:31 AM
**** Saint Arseny Institute has developed an online course tailored to the needs of St. John the Divine Orthodox Church OCA in Windsor. Jan 2015 a pilot project for the presentation of the Readers Program for 11 parishioners who will cover the class material online over 6 months. Also the students will meet twice a month, after vespers, to review the class material and practice vocal chanting and singing. The parish priest and a local parishioner with music background will provide a review of the material covered and the vocal singing training. The parishioners enrolled, are both male and female. The background and ages range, but all participate in the church services and either serve in the altar or sing in the choir. The parishioners have a desire to learn more about the church and Saint Arseny Institute is providing a course tailored to this parishes need. With the combined local support of instructors, the cost to each parishioner is minimal and lower than the correspondence course. Note the course length is proposed to take 6 months. This is a certificate program.**** **** **** Saint Arseny Institute can also put together instruction for parishes on particular topics tailored to the need of the local church. Over the years the Instructors at Saint Arseny Institute have compiled a vast array (amount) of information (relevant to the church life for today in Canada) to provide the church with current educational information. Those interested in increasing their spiritual growth and knowledge of the Orthodox Church could benefit. So if you have a need just make it known and we can let you know what we can provide. **** **** **** Also if you want more details on the Readers Program I, described above, contact us.